Seeing is Believing

Find out why ACV makes eyeglasses for all of life's experiences

Why should you buy from ACV ?

First and foremost, selection, followed closely by service, and experience . We look forward to helping the entire family  with their eye wear needs. We offer eyeglasses for all of life’s  Adventures.


ACV patients have been our best advocates , I think its time we REWARD your kind words and statements you’ve made on our behalf and receive up to 50% off your next pair of glasses.


The most important part of getting eyeglasses is the lenses. Yet it’s usually thought of second to the way we look in that new frame, but it should be what we think of first.

“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.”

Nicholas Sparks


Bring in your old glasses when you visit us, they go to a person in need.

Our clients say

My daughter has needed glasses since she was 6 months old and we live in Rancho Cucamonga. We are always willing to make the trip to Brea to get her glasses prescription filled. We've been a loyal and happy customer for almost 9 years now, and they have always stood by their work, and we've made several warranty claims (due to my daughter breaking her frames) and there has never been an issue.
Cameron G
.This place is AWESOME. I brought in my 3.5 year old autistic twins, as one of them needed glasses. The owner is super friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. He treated my family with care, compassion, respect, and humor. The facility has a large play area with toys for the littles. There is a huge selection of glasses. Great place. 5 stars!
Melissa L
My son got his glasses here when he had just turned 2. He has a very extreme prescription of -18 and -19. His pediatric ophthalmologist was extremely impressed with the glasses A Child View's lab made for him. The glasses that I bought him at 2 he still wears at 4.5 and they have held up the entire time. I was originally pained by the price for the glasses, but considering they have lasted 2.5 years, and over that time we have gone in every six or so weeks to get them adjusted, I now know the price was a total bargain. I love this place so much that despite moving to North County San Diego, I still drive the 45 minutes there every six or so weeks to get my son's glasses adjusted. Robert is awesome, and my son loves talking to him and considers him a friend. I am very grateful to A Child's View and I would recommend it to anyone!
Jamie G
This place is phenomenal. They are so friendly, get to know your child and you. I highly recommend them. They are a lifesaver when your child breaks their glasses- because they will. Love this place
Elizabeth A