We understand the unique needs of a child and we take our quality commitment seriously.  A Child’s View carries only the finest quality products, selected for durability, comfort, safety, and cosmetic appeal.  A popular name, logo or high price-tag doesn’t mean a product is durable or safe.   We have high standards at every price-point. 

Your child’s eye wear is very important.  At A Child’s View, your questions are answered, your anxieties alleviated, your child treated with respect and care, all in a family-friendly environment.  While restless siblings play in our comfortable play area, experienced pediatric opticians gently guide you and your child through the entire selection process.   All our lenses are triple-checked for accuracy and guaranteed to surpass national ANSI standards. 

When selecting the best eyeglasses for a child, we consider

  • The prescription and Rx use
  • Safety and durability
  • Your budget
  • Your child’s age and physical characteristics
  • Cosmetic considerations including color, style, size
  • Physical needs and limitations
  • Child’s (and parents) personal preferences–We offer choices!
  • Compliance—The best glasses are of no value if they are not worn.

Each child is custom fitted and taught to wear and care for the new eye glasses. Accurate frame adjustments are provided and routine care is not only encouraged, it’s free of charge!