Announcing the arrival of Transitions® Signature™VII lenses with Chromea7™ the most responsive everyday adaptive lenses ever!    


Transitions® Signature VII is the optimal lens for maximum indoor clarity and responsiveness to UV outdoors.  Chromea7 is an exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect sunlight and reflected sunlight, and become even darker on hot days.  Transitions® Signature VII lenses provide this outstanding outdoor performance without sacrificing indoor clarity, making them the ideal replacement for clear lenses.  In fact, 8 out of 10 clear lens wears rated Transitions® Signature VII lenses better than their regular clear lenses.

New Transitions® Signature™VII lenses are

  • More responsive in more situations including various temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Available in both gray and brown, Transitions® Signature™VII lenses are a better, more aesthetically pleasing color.   The gray tint is more neutral color offering true life color.  The brown is the best contrast-enhancing color.
  • Darker outdoors
  • Improved in both speed of activation and fade back
  • Completely clear indoors and at night
  • Better at blocking potentially harmful blue light