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Swim Goggles

In the pool some kids like to keep their glasses on as a security blanket while others just can’t see without them! We know through years of parents’ feedback that the Rx-able swim goggles we custom make for your child will make a world of difference. If your glasses wearing child fears the water a pair of specialty swim goggles could help them take that first step toward being an avid swimmer. A well fit goggle resists leaking and with proper care can last for several seasons. We offer a selection of Rx-able goggles with which we have had enormous success fitting kids of all sizes. (Yes! Mom and Dad too can take the dive into clear sight swimming!) The prescription lenses in your goggle can be clear, tinted, photochromic, polarized or even mirror coated. All block 100% UV rays. Quality goggles + Your Rx + Proper Maintenance = Years of Swimming Fun NO RX TOO STRONG, SERIOUSLY!!

Sports Eye-Wear

Come in to our Shops and be helped by experienced opticians who will guide you through the fitting process of custom Sports Eye-Wear. We’ve been fitting sports eyewear on children and adults since the 80’s, back when Kareem and Worthy were the only identifiable players wearing goggles. Styles have changed and so have the possibilities! Today’s sports eyewear offers a wide range of personality defining colors and designs. Today’s goggles offer more safety than the goggles of the past. And with our specialty lab we are able to accommodate a wider range of Rx’s than many other sellers. Don’t let your child remain sidelined without adequate protection and visual acuity. And stop risking the damage that a day of active sports can dole out to typical dress eyewear. Visit us today and give your child the confidence that only proper protective eyewear can offer

Snow Boarding
Snow Skiing

Tired of running into trees? When it comes to shredding the slopes with the kids this year why not let us show you how easy it is to stay in focus while wearing your own favorite goggle. Tired of cramming your or your child’s glasses under the ski/snowboard/paintball/motocross goggle? No more worry about misjudging distances when you have your precise Rx in your goggle! You don’t have to sacrifice depth perception for stylishness when you have your Rx made in an insert that fits in your favorite activity’s goggle! You don’t have to be limited to only goggles that fit over Rx eyewear and you’ll never have to cram your favorite dress glasses under another goggle. With our easy, specialized rx-able adaptor inserts we can fit a wide range of goggles with your accurate Rx needs

Custom Bridge treatments

ACV understands frame trends and the popularity of today’s stylish plastic frames. Unfortunately many of those frames do not offer a great fit for people with small or flat bridges. Leaving them with the choice of wearing awesome glasses that do not stay where they belong (which diminishes the visual benefits) or less than awesome glasses that work great optically but do not make them happy. When that’s the case we offer options that can bring your favorite frame selection into the realm of “do-able.” Our favorite two modification options are nose pad arm inserts or snap in silicone “build-up” nosepads that are custom applied. These types of modifications can make the frame sit high enough that the wearer is looking through the optical center of the lenses and improves their visual acuity and overall glasses wearing experience. Some modifications are able to be done the same day while others take about 3 to 4 business days to accomplish.


So many of the kids (and adults!) at A Child’s View LOVE their custom-applied Comfort Curlz. Cartwheels, running, jumping, hanging upside down from the jungle gym with not a single thought of “Oh!! Careful with your glasses honey!!!” We have custom fit these Comfort Curlz for over 30 years and have endless testimonials to the practicality, comfortability and satisfaction achieved with this modification. Great for kids and adults alike! Auto mechanics, surgeons, dental hygienists and many other professionals have benefited from the security of knowing their eyewear will stay in place. Select any frame sold at A Child’s View and we can custom apply them for your child’s specific fitting needs. They can even be applied to the eyewear you already own if the frame passes inspection by our skilled opticians.

Lastest Technology

One of the undisputed differences between A Child’s View and other optical shops is that when there is a new technology that brings benefit to our client we implement that technology right away. Every lens is custom ordered to give you the thinnest and lightest lens as possible. This is done by taking into account the position of your child’s eyes in the specific frame and grinding from scratch the ideal dimensions. Aspheric Digital Lenses: Today’s lenses created with digital technology offer better peripheral vision as well as lighter weight lenses. High Energy Blue Light (HEV): We offer a range of products to filter excess amounts of blue light from your child’s eyes. Even if your child has no prescription needs we can create non-Rx glasses to reduce exposure from blue light when browsing the computer, tablet or smart phone. Photochromic Lenses: They offer automatic protection from UV light as they instantly begin to darken when exposed to sunlight.

SOme of the Vendors we carry

Amazing!!! Julie helped us get my 2 year old twins fitted for glasses. She was so patient and nice! I highly recommend this place for anyone who needs to get glasses for their kids! Great selection and wonderful people!!
Allison S
Great Service ! We got glasses for our 18 month old and they were great with her ! No tears during the fitting process and she has worn her glasses all day with no problem so they must be fitted properly. Will not go anywhere else ! It is worth the drive from Riverside.
Amanda A

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