Concerned about blue-light?                                                                                                                                                       concerned about blue light

Watch our website for a newly released lens coating that will help protect your child’s eye from damaging high-energy blue light while allowing the higher-range blue light to pass through so your child’s sleep pattern is not interrupted and color rendition not affected.

We understand the unique needs of a child and we take our quality commitment seriously.  A Child’s View carries only the finest quality products, selected for durability, comfort, safety, and cosmetic appeal.  A popular name, logo or high price-tag doesn’t mean a product is durable or safe.   We have high standards at every price-point. 

If parents do not fully appreciate the potential for ocular damage, especially in the first decade of life, they are unlikely to insist their children protect their eyes from the sun.  Parents are dealing with enough stress and have untold demands.  Do they really need this?  Please read on . . .

  • Increased protection from ultraviolet radiation is needed in the first decade of life when the majority of damage occurs.
  • Ultraviolet is the most damaging type of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Exposure to UVB and UVC is of greatest concern
  • Of all visible light, blue* and blue-violet is the most damaging.
  • Use of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses throughout life can greatly reduce long-term retinal damage.

*A special note:  If your child is light-eyed (blue or green) and if you have a family history of macular degeneration or other retinal disease, it is essential that you reduce the blue-light from hand-held iPhone and iPads, and that you insist your child wear sunglasses and a hat, especially when at the beach or when playing in the snow.


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