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ACV has been making an effort to find out how our patients find us, and it turns out, a considerable amount of our new patients coming through our doors show up because of the good word of our current patients. We would like to extend a reward program for your kind words. So from October 1 , 2018 to December 31, 2019, Keep referring FIRST TIME patients  to our Laguna Hills or  Brea location and we will apply a discount on your next pair of glasses. How much of a discount you ask? Great question, up to 50% off any 1 pair of glasses, so the more people you refer the bigger the discount.

Here are the details

Refer 1 patient  10% off 

Refer 2 patients  15% off

Refer 3 patients  30% off

Refer 4 patients  40 % off

Refer 5 patients  50% off

To be eligible for our rewards program and to receive your discount you must sign up below requesting to be added to the program. If you do not sign up we will have no way of tracking the patients you have so kindly referred. HOW DO I GET CREDIT? SIMPLE,When a new patient comes and we start the process of  in they will be asked to fill out a patient information request form, there is a spot on the form for who referred, it is up to that patient to let us know at the time of order to give us a name of the referring patient, to give them credit for their referral. Unfortunately we cannot give you a credit for referrals prior to the program start date, but thank your for your support.  In the message box, please put I would like to be added to rewards program. It’s just that simple. You may only use the earned discount on one pair of glasses at a time.  No discount will carry over past the promotion period.

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