We understand the unique needs of a child and we take our quality commitment seriously.  A Child’s View carries only the finest quality products, selected for durability, comfort, safety, and cosmetic appeal.  A popular name, logo or high price-tag doesn’t mean a product is durable or safe.   We have high standards at every price-point. 

Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children, and sports is the leading cause of eye injuries in school-age children.  It is estimated that the frequency and severity of these injuries could be reduced by 90% with the use of protective eyewear [8]. 

  • The majority of eye injuries, even to children under the age of 5 years, occur from a ball hitting the eye [9].
  • Three out of five of these injuries occur to males [10].
  • Children between the ages and 5 and 14 years are considered most at risk, with baseball the sport causing most eye injury.
  • Sports considered most at risk for eye injury are: baseball, basketball, hockey, football and racquet sports [11].

Sports glasses (or sports goggles) are available to fit almost any child.  Our staff of pediatric opticians will guide you through the fitting and selection process to help you and your child find the most appropriate sports glasses.  Of primary importance is understanding the requirements of the sport played, sizing the glasses for comfort and safety, and to maximize the life of the glasses.  While regular glasses may need to be changed yearly, each prescription change may not require new sport lenses.   While we won’t compromise your child’s visual needs, we will help you avoid spending money unnecessarily!