New products are continually being developed and current products improved.  Since its introduction in the late 70’s, polycarbonate lenses have evolved into the “lens-of-choice” for children.  Polycarbonate lenses block 100% of the ultraviolet rays, are scratch resistant, and polycarbonate is among the safest lens materials available!

  • Newer aspheric designs allow thinner more cosmetically pleasing lenses with less magnification of the eyes.
  • Our specialized techniques allow prescription lenses to be used in many swim goggles.
  • We feature Essilor and Zeiss Premium anti-reflection coatings that are more scratch and smudge resistant, making them an excellent choice for children.
  • Safety is always a concern.  Our customized and expertly applied lens edges balance aesthetics and safety.  While our frame selection is extensive, it is restricted to those frames meeting our strict safety criteria.
  • Transitions® lenses darken in sunlight and now are available in polycarbonate.  Since children’s eyes are more susceptible to damage from UV, Transitions ® lenses are an excellent choice for children.
  • Trivex, a newer impact- resistant material has recently been added to the extensive line of products available at A Child’s View, Inc.

Just announced! Watch for a new lens material that was just released in Italy. Tribrid is reported to be ideal for children with stronger prescriptions because it has excellent optical quality, strength and durability. In addition, use of the tribrid material reduces lens thickness and weight. Better optics, cosmetics, and comfort—a promising combination.  A Child’s View management has been notified of the current US release and is available in most prescriptions with more availability in the near future..